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Traceability and re-stamping

KAMI cuts and delivers items with full traceability

KAMI delivers cut parts with full traceability, which is often a requirement for e.g. offshore productions.

We can handle everything related to traceability / tracability and re-stamping

During the cutting process, we can engrave items so that they are delivered with unique numbering, such as batch numbers and drawing numbers. Our procedure for cutting and traceability are implemented in our DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. In addition to our overall quality management system, we are also approved to cut for productions that must comply with EN 1090.


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KAMI can provide full documentation including re-stamping declaration

If you wish, we can prepare re-stamping declarations, which is your guarantee that the correct material has been cut. Materials can be delivered with material certificates and engraved batch numbers and other ID/information – just the way you want it.

We can supply materials to the most stringent certification requirements and, if required, we can provide approved re-stamping statements signed by the surveyor/classification company.

Contact us to learn more about traceability options

You can get exactly the documentation you want for your delivery, so please contact us to learn more about the possibilities of delivering cut parts with traceability.

We always clarify what level of documentation you as a customer want for the delivery, so you get the correct documentation – keeping costs in mind, of course!

If you want to know much more about what we can offer in relation to cutting, you can find more info here.

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