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Design and calculation / FEM

One of our strengths is design and FEM calculation

Our engineering department performs a lot of design and calculation tasks. We carry out engineering tasks for industries such as the food and recycling industry. In addition to general industry, we work with offshore & marine. We can do the job at your location or at our own premises – we adapt to your needs!

We can take care of your construction task

Our many years of experience with many industries and diverse tasks means we’ve seen it all, which is why we can give you feedback on your task. We do everything from relatively simple to quite complex constructions and are therefore highly adaptable. Production optimization / cost out is part of everyday life, and through our design tasks we ensure that your product is optimized in relation to the manufacturing process.

We construct everything from small single pieces to large offshore structures – so no matter what your task is, we can provide relevant input / sparring and knowledge.

We offer FEM calculation – static and dynamic

In addition to mechanical design, we offer calculations. Our engineering department performs calculations of complex structures and situations, and we perform both static and dynamic calculations. Among other things, we prepare calculations via Autodesk Nastran and can simulate advanced solutions when it comes to dynamic impacts.

Our engineers can perform linear analysis and identify dynamic/non-linear failures such as column loading, tilting and folding. We can analyze for plastic deformations and analyze steel structures for and after permanent deformation. Simulation of dynamic loads on multiple structural elements is possible, allowing us to find natural frequencies, for example. This feature can be used for vibration control – for example, earthquake protection.

Calculations provide certainty – and can identify potential savings!

With Nastran, we can help you analyze dynamic loads / non-linear failures in steel structures. Control against failure is essential as it can have major consequences – both financially and in terms of safety! We can make sure your construction lasts – and make sure it’s cost-effective! If we make ongoing calculations throughout a construction process/project, we can optimize production so that it is not “over engineered”, i.e. oversized. In the process, you can be sure that the construction is safe and we can optimize to produce with the least amount of material possible. A calculation session can identify if there are potential savings in terms of reduced weight / fewer kilos consumed!

We offer hand calculations and calculations of bolted joints and welds

We perform both hand calculations and FEM analyses, and in addition to calculations on the steel structure itself, we can calculate bolted joints, welds and other relevant parameters. The tools we have available can be applied to new constructions, but existing constructions can also be optimized via FEM calculations.

We calculate with the necessary tools and can prepare the required documentation

The best calculation and documentation method for the job is always chosen – taking into account time consumption and derived economy – and we can always document and report according to your needs. We can create anything from a simple report to more complex documentation, depending on who needs to be presented with the final documentation.

We can take care of any design approval from classification societies

Some offshore structures/constructions require FEM calculations and a design approval from the classification society. We can prepare the relevant documentation and compile the report for the classification society to approve the construction. We work with relevant classification societies, such as DNV GL, and can take care of your design approval from start to finish.

We can sit with you or in our own facilities, and we know what’s possible

We draw in several different CAD programs and can sit with you or work on the job in our own facilities. You decide which solution best suits your needs.

Our engineers are very production-oriented, so we always seek to design the product/project to be manufactured as quickly as possible using the relevant technology. We keep up with what’s happening technologically – so we know what’s possible and, more importantly, what’s not!

Simulation of FEM

Adhering to standards – and reviewing new ones

Our engineers are familiar with a multitude of standards. We work with standards as diverse as EUROCODES / EN 1090, DNV GL and NORSOK standards, the Machinery Directive and various lifting standards. We also construct many platforms and are familiar with the relevant standards, such as EN ISO 14122. We’re always up for the challenge if you come up with something completely new – and our adaptable engineers are ready to help you interpret relevant standards.

Our construction department offers, among other things

  • Ideas and concepts
  • Product development
  • Design and construction – including parametric and skeletonization modeling of structures
  • Calculation / FEM
  • 2D & 3D layouts
  • Production documentation
  • Project management
  • CE marking and manuals
  • Various CAD programs, including Inventor & Solid Works
  • Simulation using CAD system
  • Illustrations and photorealistic images

Do you have an engineering task you need done?

Then we’re ready to help you! Our strength is that we have both an engineering department and production facilities. This provides many synergies, and we can carry out your engineering tasks with input from our own production without affecting the price. When you use us, you are always guaranteed a cost-optimized solution that can be manufactured in the best and cheapest way. Our engineers work independently and for many external customers, so please contact us if you need engineering done – at your site or at our facilities – it’s up to you!

Whether it’s a simple or complex task you’re facing, contact us to talk about how we can help you!

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