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Vendor-managed warehouse

KAMI ensures variable costs rather than fixed – and fast delivery!

A solution where KAMI stocks your products frees up production and administrative time and ensures that your fixed costs are converted into variable costs.

If there are changes, we implement them in the products and we can update drawings. In addition to regular drawing work, we can also do other types of engineering, for example, we can investigate potential weight reduction via FEM calculations – which can lead to a lower production price.

If we have your products in stock, the lead time will be reduced to the transportation time – so we can ensure just-in-time delivery!

With our own in-house competencies, we ensure you the optimal price, flexibility and fast response. We know that delivery time is often critical for you as a customer – we can remedy this with our warehouse concept – even on productions with longer lead times!

Our set-up ensures that your product is competitively priced, while ensuring timely delivery!

Production optimization at KAMI ensures you sharp prices!

KAMI can help you with the necessary production optimization and derived efficiency – resulting in cost reduction and competitive prices. We focus daily on cost out to ensure you get the best solution in terms of price, quality and lead time. At KAMI, we can offer you a turnkey delivery, where we are involved from the initial phase until the product is delivered to your end customer.

How much you want KAMI to be involved in is of course entirely up to you!

By letting KAMI take over your production, or parts of it, as well as storage, you ensure focus on your core competencies and free up time for the most necessary tasks!

Focus on ongoing productions – and future ones – we can be your engineering department if desired!

In addition to offering storage facilities and product and production optimization on your product, we can also assist with future designs. We can work with your current design department, or we can simply be the external design department. When it comes to construction, we can help:

  • Idea exchange and technical sparring
  • Product and production optimization – with a focus on cost optimization / cost out
  • 3D modelling and 2D production basis creation
  • Preparation of technical documentation – e.g. quality documentation with production sequence and manufacturing points of attention
  • Preparation of quality documentation in the form of Welders Log and coating specifications
  • Design and manufacture of welding fixtures – for both manual and robotic welding
  • Design and production of assembly fixtures for efficient and time-saving assembly


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Reduction of production costs

In addition to being your warehouse, we can reduce your production costs through our sourcing partner.

You can read much more about the possibilities to reduce your costs through our sourcing concept here.