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TIG welding

Certified welding in process 141, TIG welding

At KAMI, we perform certificate welding with TIG. We use TIG welding, process 141, and our blacksmiths have welding certificates that meet the DS/EN ISO 9606-1 and DS/EN ISO 9606-2 standards.

TIG welding in stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel

We TIG weld primarily stainless steel and aluminum. In stainless TIG welding, we weld in AISI 304 and AISI 316, but we also weld in more corrosion-resistant stainless materials, such as Duplex.

In addition to Stainless steel welding and aluminum we also perform TIG welding in black steel. We use TIG welding for thinner materials, but we also weld machine frames and other structures, so the process is widely used in both of our departments, including black steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Pipe welding in stainless steel and mild steel

In addition to welding various structures, we also perform pipe welding in stainless steel, aluminum and black steel. We can provide regular pipe welding, but in addition to this, we can also offer pipe welding via rotary table welding. Using the rotary table, the pipes rotate automatically during the welding process, allowing us to perform a partially automated process.

Pipe welding produced via a rotary table provides a consistent result and will often also increase efficiency, reducing the cost of the weld.

We want to be at the forefront – also when it comes to TIG welding!

KAMI will be known for delivering the best possible quality – at the right price!

That’s why we make sure we’re at the forefront of technology when it comes to TIG welding. Through our welding machine suppliers, we ensure that we are at the forefront!

In addition to suppliers, we also have our own in-house welding coordinator, so through courses and certificates for our blacksmiths, we keep up to date with the latest in welding!

Benefits of TIG welding

The benefits of TIG welding are that the process produces a strong and consistent weld. Our skilled blacksmiths can create exceptionally neat welds that do not require any post-processing. In addition to the great visual appeal, TIG welding also gives us the ability to weld hard-to-reach weld seams.

We perform TIG welding with and without the addition of wire, and if we are welding in very thin materials, we usually weld without the addition of wire. TIG welding at KAMI is performed with inert gases, for example, we use Argon as a shielding gas. TIG welding is performed because of the precision and derived quality we can achieve through the concentrated arc. If you require an external weld inspection, we can have NDT performed on the welds via our partners.

Contact us if you need TIG welding

We TIG weld both thin sheet metal and the more difficult constructions, so if you want to know more about what we can offer you and what options we offer when you need high-quality TIG welding, then contact us! We are ready to review your request and come up with the right solution to match your expectations!

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