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At KAMI, we want to be your preferred supplier of steel prototypes

We’ve worked as a subcontractor in many different industries for many years – so we’ve seen a lot – and therefore have a lot of ideas, also when it comes to prototyping!

KAMI has a very extensive in-house production, which means that we can handle most aspects of the value chain in our own facilities – this enables us to react very quickly! We have built up a lot of experience when it comes to features and how to produce items/structures in the most cost and quality efficient way!

Engineering + production – KAMI offers short reaction time from thought to action

In addition to all our internal processes and dedicated production staff, we have our own in-house engineering group, which means you can get the full package of documentation and production!

Our engineering and production department can provide you with the right support – also when it comes to idea development and prototyping. All in all, our experience and knowledge of solutions and processes ensures that your idea is sales-ready.

Creating the right prototype and choosing the right processes saves time and money when it comes to manufacturing the product. If the item/product is later to go into serial production, we can ensure production optimization/cost out in the start-up phase so that high quality, low price and fast lead time are a natural part of working with the prototype towards serial production. We will do everything we can to make your ideas and products as competitive as possible!

In-house we do sheet metal processing. For example, we perform cutting, shearing, bending and rolling. In addition to the preparatory processes, we weld all steel – including high-strength steel – and we perform CNC machining and surface treatment. Items/structures can be galvanized, wet painted or powder coated, and when it comes to stainless steel, it can be blasted or acid pickled.

Prototyping in a variety of materials and quantities – and documentation to suit your needs

There are plenty of opportunities for prototyping in all kinds of steel materials, as we work in most materials, including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We also work in more precious metals such as acid-resistant stainless steel (including Super Duplex), as well as bronze, brass and the like. In addition to steel materials, we also process various plastics.

We manufacture everything from one-off, fully documented parts to parts/structures that are only at the idea and concept stage.

In addition to producing the items according to sketches / proposals, we can take care of the final documentation after approved items. This is your guarantee that the production documentation is 100% up to date and ready to run 0-series/production.

Clarification at KAMI – and the possibility of subsequent sourcing

The benefits you get from our set-up, also when it comes to prototyping, is that we can ensure that everything is OK, including the desired quality and documentation, before parts/structures are manufactured in larger quantities.

Based on the prototype, volume/number of items, transportation costs, etc. we can also help with sourcing from foreign suppliers.

If you already use sourcing, you can choose to use us as your single-point of contact.

We will take care of the communication with your current supplier and ensure that your productions are delivered in the desired quality. This frees up the time spent on follow-up. We have experience with foreign suppliers and know what it takes to ensure quality and the desired delivery time.

If you’re not already sourcing, we can get you the best prices after prototyping through our network of suppliers. How much we should be involved in your prototype and possible derived sourcing process is entirely up to you!


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KAMI can be your sparring partner in all facets of prototyping and we can work from virtually no documentation to the production of parts/structures that are fully documented by you – or via our own engineers.

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