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EN 1090-2

KAMI’s engineering company is certified to calculate structures according to EN 1090

Our engineering house is audited and certified according to EN 1090-2, so calculations and production documentation can be prepared according to EN 1090 and EUROCODES.

We are certified to perform calculations up to Execution Class 3 – also known as Execution Class 3 or EXC3 / EX3.

We can help with the full project – or parts of a project

We can offer to deliver the complete drawing package including calculations, or we can offer calculations and production documentation separately. KAMI can run an EN 1090 project from start to finish – or we can help with parts of the standard – we help where it makes the most sense for you!

Determination of performance class and NDT scope, as well as material selection

Our engineers can help you with your EN 1090 task, ensuring you have the correct production basis – and calculations. For example, in relation to construction, we can help clarify and define the Execution class (EXC class, EX class) and we can specify the requirements for NDT (Non Destructive Testing) – non-destructive welding inspection. We can also advise on material selection, including whether to use hot or cold formed material (EN 10210, EN 10025 or EN 10219) in a construction.

Focus on choosing the right welding procedures – WPS / WPQR

When it comes to production, we are familiar with the choice of welding procedures WPS / WPQR. This means that we can talk together up front about, for example, the choice of appropriate welding processes and material dimensions. If you have specific requests for adherence to specific procedures for your project, we can help make the manufacturing process run more smoothly!

Installation instructions and working drawings according to EN 1090

If you need assembly instructions or production basis / working drawings, we can take care of that part of the project. We can determine and specify the choice of fasteners according to EN 15048 or EN 14399 (non-pre-tensioned or pre-tensioned bolts), and in general, we can ensure that the working drawings are correct so that all the necessary information for manufacturing according to EN 1090 is included in the working basis.

Cost out – also when we design according to EN 1090

Regardless of whether we are designing and creating production bases for EN 1090 or for general industry, we always think about fast and easy production. We want to make sure that manufacturers have no doubts and can minimize lead time and focus on efficiency! When we start a construction job, it’s natural for us to talk about the desired level of production base. We can focus on taping and riveting for efficient/fast, easy and therefore cheaper production. The extra time spent creating the right design solutions and derived cutting files can often be well spent when something goes into production – the extra costs are quickly recouped through smoother production, and the risk of production errors is minimized too!

Documentation of building steel in all material groups – and manufacturing

Our engineering department can help you document your structural steel project in all material groups, whether it’s aluminum, stainless steel or mild steel.

In addition to offering engineering services within EN 1090, we can also offer to produce your EN 1090 delivery. You can easily get engineering services without manufacturing with us. If desired, KAMI, which is audited according to EN 1090, can help you with your production. KAMI has an EN 1090 FPC (Factory Production Control) system that is linked to our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. If you want to read more about what we offer in black steel and stainless steel production, you can find more info here
EN 1090-1
link, and if you want to know more about our competencies in the production of aluminum structural steel, you can find info on EN 1090-3 in this link.

Contact us for sparring – and get a non-binding offer

We are able to take care of your job from sketch to issuing the final CE mark after manufacturing, so if desired, we can help you with your project from A-Z. All parts of an EN 1090 delivery can be done – or parts of the total delivery – you decide! If you need calculations or production in accordance with EN 1090, or if you want us to take care of the entire project, please contact us!

In addition to calculation and production according to EN 1090, KAMI delivers various
for metal processing, such as
– manually and with robot. Please contact us to hear much more about the possibilities, so we can have a no-obligation chat about your inquiry!

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Certifications and diplomas

See all of KAMI's certifications and diplomas below, click on the individual links to read more.

Quality management system


FPC (Factory Production Control) CE marking of mild steel and stainless steel structural steel


Dimensioning, EUROCODES


FPC (Factory Production Control) CE marking of aluminum structural steel


Quality assurance of welding work


The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration


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