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EN ISO 3834-2

KAMI is certified according to EN ISO 3834-2

This certification allows us to deliver high-quality welded constructions to the offshore industry, among others. We also use the EN ISO 3834-2 system for our EN 1090 certifications.

Control over welding processes

The EN ISO 3834-2 certification assures you that we have complete control over our welding processes, ensuring that all quality aspects of welding are met, also when it comes to offshore welding, or welding and CE marking of structural steel.

Internal welding coordinator

We have our own welding coordinator and weld according to WPS / WPQR and can prepare Welders Log. KAMI has several different welding procedures, WPS / WPQR, allowing us to weld in mild steel and stainless steel. In addition to keeping track of our welding processes via our FPC system, we can ensure you 100% traceability of materials as we cut internally / in-house.

KAMI has its own engineering department

In addition to KAMI being able to produce and document quality welds, we can perform mechanical design/calculations and prepare production documentation through our own engineering department. Our engineering company is audited and certified according to EN 1090-2, so calculations and production documentation can be prepared according to relevant parts of EUROCODES. General information about our engineering competencies can be found here hereand if you want to read more about our EN 1090-2 certification you can find info here.

Surface treatment for offshore requirements or according to EN 1090

KAMI can deliver your design or project according to a given coating specification if desired. Galvanization can be supplied according to DS/EN ISO 1461, and wet paint and powder coating can be done up to DS/EN ISO12944-C5M. We can comply with all corrosion classes from C1-C5, with a relevant coating system. The system specified can be documented via relevant documentation, internally and externally, via FROSIO inspection.

MRB (Manufacturing Record Book)

KAMI can prepare the MRB (Manufacturing Record Book) so you receive the full documentation package after production. KAMI can also perform 3rd party inspection and monitoring, including NDT or inspection from classification societies.

Design Verification Report

In addition to production, our engineers can take care of design approval by DNV GL, for example. The engineering department can prepare production documentation and calculations, as well as liaise with the classification society and ensure Design Verification Report. We can ensure that you as a customer have placed 100% of the responsibility in one place – KAMI.

EN 1090 certifications

KAMI’s EN ISO 3834-2 FPC (Factory Production Control) system is certified alongside the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, as well as our EN 1090 certifications. The overall system therefore contributes to our ability to CE mark structural steel. If you want to read more about our EN 1090-1 certification, here you can find more info hereand our EN 1090-3 certification is elaborated here. The ISO 9001:2015 system ensures you that we have implemented a culture of improvement – for your benefit – we must and will constantly improve!

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In addition to delivering welding as a sub-process according to EN ISO 3834-2, we can manage your project from A-Z if desired. We can take care of the mechanical design, we can calculate and have the calculations verified, we can prepare production drawings – and we can take care of the project management part. KAMI has delivered many different projects, and if you want to see a wide selection of projects we have delivered, find info here. Internally, KAMI has various sub-processes for metalworking, including cutting, welding, rolling and bending and CNC machining.

In short, we deliver everything from single processes, such as quality welding, to complete projects, so whether you need engineering, including mechanical design and calculations, working drawings or production, you are more than welcome to contact us – we are ready to help you!

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Certifications and diplomas

See all of KAMI's certifications and diplomas below, click on the individual links to read more.

Quality management system


FPC (Factory Production Control) CE marking of mild steel and stainless steel structural steel


Dimensioning, EUROCODES


FPC (Factory Production Control) CE marking of aluminum structural steel


Quality assurance of welding work


The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration


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