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Stainless steel tank and foundation for fishing factory ship

KAMI has delivered stainless steel tank and pump housing foundation for extruder

KAMI’s engineering and stainless steel production departments have jointly delivered this project.

The tank and foundation are manufactured for our Seattle office in the USA. The project has included engineering and steel production. The tank and foundation are installed on a factory ship fishing in the waters off the Alaskan coast. This project is part of several other products we have delivered to a large processing vessel that processes fish directly on board.

The tank is used for sorting the fish. A coarse sorting is first done and then sorted into 4 sizes, as well as for bycatch – which are incorrect fish. The special shape of the tank is designed to maximize the volume in relation to the space and to have a constant drop on the containers. The design is made to ensure that the tank is optimally cleanable in relation to function.

The foundation is for an extruder that doses the surimi to the desired weight after processing. After final weighing, the surimi is transported to a freezer room.

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  • Our engineering department has done the 3D designs
  • From the 3D models, complete production documentation is created.
  • Packing instructions prepared for container loading.


  • KAMI’s production has manufactured the items in stainless steel.
  • Processes included cutting and bending and welding.
  • Tank is ceramic blasted before shipment.


  • The project is manufactured for KAMI’s US division, Kami Tech Inc.
  • Kami Tech Inc. has taken care of the installation on board the ship.

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