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High strength steel

KAMI has extensive expertise in high-strength steel processing, including sheet metal processing

We provide cutting, bending and rolling, in addition to CNC machining in high-strength steel.

KAMI welds in high-strength steel

We weld with multiple processes in high-strength steel, and we will do everything we can to ensure you get a competitive price for your products.

Our employees are continuously trained

Our employees are continuously trained so that we as a company can meet the increasing demands associated with high-strength steel production. At KAMI, we keep up to date with developments in high-strength steel to ensure that we remain competitive when it comes to producing in high-strength steel!

High strength steel – Try KAMI!

Processes that KAMI can handle for you in connection with manufacturing in high-strength steel:

  • Bending / edge pressing
  • Rolling
  • Cutting (fine plasma)
  • Welding (MIG/MAG)
  • CNC machining


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We have know-how in the use of HARDOX, WELDOX or ARMOX

We are very aware of the benefits of using high-strength steel – in terms of wear or weight reduction. Whether it’s HARDOX, WELDOX or ARMOX, we have the know-how to use these material groups. We continuously machine and weld in high-strength steel, keeping us up to date on what’s happening in terms of material and process selection.

We can help you with calculation / FEM – so potential weight reductions are identified

The advantage of using KAMI is that, in addition to manufacturing, we can help with calculation / FEM. Through calculations, potential weight reductions can be spotted – resulting in possible price reductions for your designs and products. We have our own engineering department who can help with most engineering tasks, including design work and calculations. In addition to 3D models and 2D design/production documentation, we create many other types of documentation.

We can help you all the way from A-Z and ensure a complete delivery from production to final delivery/installation including documentation. Whether it’s larger deliveries in high-strength steel containing construction including drawings/calculations, final documentation and quality documentation, or the execution of individual processes is entirely up to you – KAMI is ready to help you with your needs!

We also offer services like these

Cut, bend and waltz



CNC machining