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EN 1090-1

KAMI can deliver steel structures in black and stainless steel up to EXC3 – execution class 3

We are certified to deliver steel structures according to EN 1090-1, up to Execution Class 3, also referred to as EXC3 / EX3. If you need to weld a staircase, a balcony, or various other types of structural steel for your new build, renovation or extension, contact us for a quote. KAMI ensures that the product is CE marked to comply with all regulations.

Remember your structural steel must be CE marked!

We are certified and approved for all material types, including manufacturing in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum – this ensures that you as a customer can get the delivery in the desired material – and you are also assured that the delivery complies with the applicable requirements for CE marking. EN 1090-1 is basically a standard for structural steel, but there are several industrial products that are also manufactured according to this standard.

KAMI has a certified EN 1090 FPC system

KAMI has a certified and audited EN 1090 FPC (Factory Production Control) system and is therefore allowed to CE mark according to the statutory regulations. Our FPC system is linked to the general ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Our welding coordinator will help you

KAMI has an in-house welding coordinator, so we can help you with welding optimization if necessary, so you can get the most cost-effective product. We have a wide range of welding procedures – WPS / WPQR – which means we can weld in most materials, thicknesses, seam types and other key welding parameters.

Surface treatment according to applicable standards

When it comes to surface treatment, we can ensure that the galvanization complies with DS/EN ISO 1461. Other surface treatments such as wet paint and powder coating can be applied according to the desired specification. We provide surface treatment up to DS/EN ISO12944-C5M. All corrosion classes from C1-C5 can be achieved with a suitable surface treatment system, and the system can be documented via relevant documentation, such as a measurement report.

We can help with installation if required

KAMI can remotely mount your project if desired. We know the rules when it comes to installation according to EN 1090-1, so we can ensure that the project is done correctly through specifically customized control and check sheets when it comes to installation.

Final documentation

We provide the correct final documentation with the delivery, namely the Declaration of Performance and CE mark. KAMI can document 100% traceability of internal and external processes, and can thus prepare all the necessary internal and external documentation needed to finally issue documentation according to EN 1090-1. The CE marking is your assurance that all underlying documentation and manufacturing has been carried out in accordance with applicable regulations. In addition to being certified to produce structural steel in mild steel and stainless steel, we are also certified in aluminum – read more via this link EN 1090-3.

Execution of calculation and production documentation

In addition to manufacturing, we can also calculate and execute production documentation for the delivery. At KAMI, we have our own “external” independent engineering company (COTECH) that can calculate steel structures according to EN 1090-2. KAMI’s engineering company is audited and certified according to EN 1090-2, so calculations and production documentation are prepared according to EUROCODES. If you want to read more about our engineering competencies in structural steel, you can find more info via this link. For more general information about our competencies in mechanical design and calculations, please see here.

Delivery of the complete job – or partial elements of EN 1090 – you decide!

At KAMI, you can get the full delivery, we are able to project manage and document your project from the time you provide the sketch until we have produced and issued the final CE mark. If you need documentation, we can take care of that part, as well as produce it based on your submitted basis – we help you where it makes sense!

Contact us to discuss your EN 1090 project and learn more about what we can do

We can execute your project from A-Z if desired, any part of a delivery can be executed – you choose! If you need calculations, a production basis, or if you want to have production carried out, you are welcome to contact us for sparring and a non-binding offer – we will take care of the part you want!

In addition to producing according to EN 1090, we supply various sub-processes for metal processing, for example cutting, welding, and CNC machining. We also handle complete projects, read more about selected projects via this link. Regardless of what you need mechanical design/calculations or production in metal, feel free to contact us!

Contact us to find out what we can do for you

Certifications and diplomas

See all of KAMI's certifications and diplomas below, click on the individual links to read more.

Quality management system


FPC (Factory Production Control) CE marking of mild steel and stainless steel structural steel


Dimensioning, EUROCODES


FPC (Factory Production Control) CE marking of aluminum structural steel


Quality assurance of welding work


The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration


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