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Includes quality, occupational health and safety and the environment, with KAMI focusing on all of these areas.

Core areas


Engineering and project delivery

We offer design, FEM calculation and CE marking.


Stainless steel and aluminum production

We offer sub-processes or complete constructions.


Production in mild steel and high-strength steel

We provide everything in sheet metal, welding and machine work.

Quality, health, safety, environment

  • Quality at KAMI means that our delivery meets your expectations!
  • A good working environment is crucial for us to deliver on our promises!
  • Our security needs to be of a high standard – and it is!
  • We care about the environment – and we document it in our Environmental Report!

Certifications and diplomas

See all of KAMI's certifications and diplomas below, click on the individual links to read more.

Quality management system


FPC (Factory Production Control) CE marking of mild steel and stainless steel structural steel


Dimensioning, EUROCODES


FPC (Factory Production Control) CE marking of aluminum structural steel


Quality assurance of welding work


The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration



Quality at KAMI means that our delivery meets your expectations!

KAMI is certified to ensure your quality requirements

Our certifications range from quality assurance of welding work for offshore welding, among others, to CE marking of structural steel in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, and overall quality is managed through our DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

In addition to supplying the general industry and the offshore and construction industry, we also supply a number of companies in the food industry, which is why we are naturally also approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.


Our security needs to be of a high standard – and it is!

KAMI will ensure a healthy and good working environment, both physically and mentally

We value this highly as it is a prerequisite for our employees’ well-being, which we consider essential for increasing efficiency, including low sick leave.

Sickness absence

We measure and record sickness absence – and it’s low when compared to statistics within our field of work!

Health promotion and help with smoking cessation

In relation to the working environment, we continuously seek to implement health-promoting measures. For example, KAMI has a fruit scheme and an established health insurance that gives employees access to various treatments, such as chiropractor, physiotherapist and reflexology.

In addition, the medical referral scheme ensures quick access to a specialist or hospital. In addition to health insurance, we help potential smokers to quit smoking – in short, we take care of our employees as they are our most important asset!

Annual DHL race and social gatherings

KAMI encourages employees to participate in the annual DHL run. This activity is not only considered to improve the physical health of employees, but is also seen as a wellbeing activity.

In addition to DHL races, there are joint social gatherings that are held to ensure unity across all our professional groups.


We care about the environment – and we document it in our Environmental Report!

Safety is a top priority at KAMI

KAMI works according to the “Think First – Act Safely – Safety First” principle and naturally has a safety organization. Safety groups are responsible for the environment on a daily basis, including correct purchasing in relation to approved products / derived safety data sheets that KAMI wishes to use.

The safety committee adheres to all guidelines

The safety group includes the daily personnel manager and the person in charge of operations in the safety committee. We comply with all safety guidelines and work with Advidenz, an authorized occupational health and safety advisor. Several of our employees are trained in life-saving first aid – so we ensure that our employees are thoroughly trained – even if the accident happens outside our workplace!

Safety equipment

The necessary safety equipment is always present in the workplace and on assembly jobs, and KAMI’s safety organization ensures that it is used correctly. In the event of an accident, a contingency plan has been developed and practiced, and is continuously updated through training.

KAMI works purposefully in the area of security to ensure:

  • Fewer accidents / injuries
  • Fewer sick days
  • Happier – and more motivated employees
  • Increased productivity / increased competitiveness
  • Greater customer satisfaction


A good working environment is crucial for us to deliver on our promises!

KAMI wants to protect the environment

We are continuously working to minimize our environmental footprint, document it and comply with current environmental legislation.

We collaborate with our suppliers and the municipality

At KAMI, we do what we can to protect the environment! We are aware of the UN’s 17 climate goals and in our daily lives we think a lot about how we can best take care of our surroundings. We do what we can to minimize transportation to and from our suppliers, and we manage the use of chemicals – just to name a few obvious areas of focus! Historically, we have submitted an environmental report to the former MiljøForum – in this report, which is based on an ISO 14001 certification, we have calculated waste and considered our climate footprint.

After the merger of the operating companies during 2021, it has been decided that we will resume this work – regardless of the fact that Miljøforum Fyn has unfortunately been closed down. We will largely act as if we were ISO 14001 certified, and we want open and honest communication with the municipality and other stakeholders. In connection with the merger of our operating companies at a shared address, we have also updated our environmental approval with the municipality.

Below are excerpts from our environmental policies

  • We will stay up to date on environmental initiatives – and as a minimum, comply with relevant legislation and regulatory requirements
  • We want to ensure that the environmental authority values KAMI highly due to serious environmental work
  • We will maintain an open and constructive dialog with authorities, neighbors and other stakeholders about the company’s environmental issues

In addition to the environment, we also work on our CSR efforts. We support the flexi-job scheme and have interns in our administration – just to name a few of the areas where we focus our CSR efforts!

Please contact us if you want to learn more about our environmental work – or our CSR efforts!

We work within Industry, Offshore & Marine, and Structural Steel

We deliver everything from small welded structures to large structures!
We also deliver small CNC machined parts – and nothing is too small!




Offshore & Marine



Structural steel