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Steel construction for dams

KAMI has delivered welded and machined steel funnel for dam

This project was carried out as a collaboration between our engineering department and our black steel manufacturing department. KAMI has managed the entire project, from clarification to engineering to production of the complete steel structure. The construction is delivered with a Declaration of Conformity and a Manufacturing Record Book (MRB) containing material and welding certificates, NDT, surface treatment and measurement reports.

KAMI was awarded the project as we could deliver the complete project with engineering, production and documentation.

The steel funnel is used at a dam / hydroelectric power plant. Water is passed through the funnel and with the help of the customer’s application and equipment, even more energy can be extracted than usual.


  • 3D design of steel structure based on requirement specification
  • Manufacturing of production bases
  • Defining requirements and creating quality documentation
  • Preparation of the Declaration of Conformity.


  • Manufacturing steel construction in black steel
  • Manufacturing processes include cutting and rolling, CNC machining and welding.
  • The steel structure is third-party verified via NDT.


  • The steel structure is delivered with MRB (Manufacturing Record Book), which contains material and welding certificates, NDT and measurement reports.
  • The project is delivered in France.
  • The customer has been responsible for assembly / installation
  • An exciting, educational and successful project!

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