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We offer

Core areas


Engineering and project delivery

We offer design, FEM calculation and CE marking.


Stainless steel and aluminum production

We offer sub-processes or complete constructions.


Production in mild steel and high-strength steel

We provide everything in sheet metal, welding and machine work.

KAMI offers a wide range of opportunities for the metal industry

KAMI can help you with most things and is happy to do so!
We have many metalworking processes in-house, which enables us to react very quickly.

Cutting steel

Cut, bend and waltz

Save, drill and lock

CNC machining


Welding in black steel

Stainless steel welding

Welding in aluminum

Robotic welding

Bolt welding

TIG welding

High strength steel

Ceramic blasting / glass blowing

Surface treatment

Installation and assembly


Vendor-managed inventory and product optimization



Quality documentation

Traceability and re-stamping

Flexibility is one of our keywords, and we can deliver your prototype as well as handle serial production.

In addition to manufacturing in Denmark, we also offer sourcing and can help you with product optimization and inventory management.
In addition to sub-processes, we provide engineering services and can offer complete project execution.

KAMI has a separate department for stainless steel and aluminum, and in addition to manufacturing, we can provide surface treatment via external partners. However, we do blast stainless and aluminum in our own facilities.

KAMI can deliver your “ready-made solution”, via our own engineering department, and if you need assembly KAMI can also help you with the assembly work – we assemble both internally and externally – so we can deliver from A-Z!

Read more about all the options we offer below.

We provide engineering services – so you can get the full package!

Through our in-house engineers, we offer mechanical design and FEM calculations. In addition to design and calculations, we perform CE markings and prepares risk assessments and manuals.

We can service you with the full project – but you choose how much KAMI should be involved in your production or project.

If you need production capacity, we can help you with that, and if you need engineering services, we can provide them. Standalone or in collaboration – the choice is yours!

You can find more info about our engineering services here.

We can provide prototypes – or mass production

KAMI offers prototyping, one-off parts or smaller series. We deliver “one off” parts/constructions and we also provide serial production.

KAMI always ensures the right processes according to piece count, so we ensure you get a cost-optimal solution. We’re responsive and can be there from start to finish. If you need a prototype, we can take care of the development work via our engineering department. Of course, we can also take care of the manufacturing.

If you want to read more about our prototyping capabilities, you can find it here.

We can manage your inventory and take care of your product optimization

We can help you reduce your costs and ensure you can focus on what’s important.

KAMI stocks several products for our customers, ensuring just-in-time delivery. Through this concept, we can provide you with delivery reliability that gives you peace of mind so you can concentrate on other tasks. Via our own engineers we can ensure that all documentation is constantly updated if changes are made and any production optimizations are continuously implemented in the product.

If you want to know more about our inventory management concept, you can read about it by following this link.

KAMI has production facilities in several countries

KAMI has production in Denmark and the US. We have 2 facilities in Faaborg – stainless and black steel are separated. In addition to our facilities in Denmark, we have stainless steel production in Seattle, US.

You can read more about our production facilities via this link.

We can handle sourcing

We know that cost is everything to keep you competitive. Delivery time and quality must be as agreed and costs must always be as low as possible!

At KAMI, we always optimize to ensure the best price. Therefore, in addition to our in-house optimized production, we also offer sourcing.

KAMI can help you reduce your costs through our sourcing concept. Allows documentation and delivery time this option, we are always open to discuss sourcing your parts or productions. We can help manage the production and if required, we can update the documentation via our own engineers.

You can find much more information about our sourcing concept here.

KAMI has quality under control!

KAMI has quality under control. We are DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we are also EN 1090 certified. This means, among other things, that we are approved to CE mark structural steel.

Our EN 1090 certification covers both our production facilities and our engineering department. We are certified to handle the actual manufacturing as well as perform the calculations and production documentation for your EN 1090 project.

If you want to know more about our different certifications, you can find information here.

We are 100% a subcontractor – and we cover a wide range!

KAMI supplies many different industries – and has no in-house production – so we are here to serve you!

We deliver broadly. On the “Different product groups” pages, we have selected some segments that we have delivered to in the past. KAMI delivers to many other industries/areas – the selected pages just give an insight into how different industries we deliver to.

You can read more about our range of industries at here.

If you want to see some of the projects we have delivered – characterized by both engineering and manufacturing – you can read more about here.

In short – KAMI can help you with most things and is happy to do so!

We hope you find what we have to offer interesting!

KAMI is 100% available for your inquiry and ready to serve you. Nothing is too small and most things are not too big. Our hope is that we can become your preferred partner going forward.

We have long-term customer relationships based on mutual trust. If you’re a potential new customer and want to learn more about what we’re like to do business with, contact us. We can put you in touch with one of our existing customers so you can get a reference.

Of course, you are also welcome to drop by and see the facilities for yourself! There’s always coffee on tap and new and old customers are always welcome for an unannounced visit. We make sure it’s always neat and tidy for the benefit of our employees, as well as safety and efficiency!

Contact us to find out what we can do for you