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Fences, trellises, pergolas and gazebos

KAMI provides fencing, trellis, pergolas, pavilions and planters for parks and gardens

KAMI has produced fences, trellises, pergolas and pavilions for various projects. In addition, we manufacture planters for horticulture.

We have extensive experience in working according to architects’ instructions. Our biggest project and one of our best-known references is the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen.

Delivery to the Natural History Museum of Denmark, Botanical Garden

For The Natural History Museum of Denmark, also known as Statens Naturhistorisk Museum, in Copenhagen, we have delivered a large project. There has been a lot of positive feedback based on the great result KAMI has achieved in collaboration with the architect. If you want to see the finished result for yourself, you are of course welcome to visit the Copenhagen Botanical Garden.

We can design your complete project

KAMI can design a proposal based on your thoughts. From concept plan to 3D models and 2D documentation, so the project is ready to go into production. We have our own engineering department who can outline a given project and create the production documentation from there. If you want inspiration for a presentation, we know the architects who have the experience to sketch the right aesthetic solutions!

Available in black steel, Corten steel, stainless steel and aluminum

We can do your project in black steel, corten steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We are able to create the right solution that fits your unique needs!


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KAMI supplies planters for horticulture

In addition to the project involving architects, we manufacture planters for horticulture. KAMI has made several different models, so if you need one or more planters for your garden, then contact us to hear about the possibilities.

We are flexible and will give you the necessary support

We have many options – so if you want your garden to be exclusive and unique, let’s talk about your request and thoughts about a specific project.

We can deliver sub-processes or the complete project – including engineering

If you want to know more about our competencies within industrial projects, you can find more information here. In addition to projects for industry, we deliver projects for offshore & marine – more info on some of these projects can be found here here.

KAMI also delivers sub-processes to the metal industry, which processes we offer you can find info on here. In addition to processes such as cutting and CNC machining, we offer engineering. We can provide everything from mechanical design and FEM calculations to working drawings and CE marking. You can read much more about what we offer in engineering here.

We work within Industry, Offshore & Marine, and Structural Steel

We deliver everything from small welded structures to large structures!
We also deliver small CNC machined parts – and nothing is too small!

Engineering and project delivery

We offer design, FEM calculation and CE marking


Stainless steel and aluminum production

We offer sub-processes or complete designs


Production in mild steel and high-strength steel

We deliver everything in sheet metal, welding and machine work


Want to know more about what we can offer?

Feel free to contact us – we get up every day to find the right solutions! We work in many industries and with many different products and product groups. KAMI performs a wide variety of projects in stainless steel and aluminum, as well as in black steel and high-strength steel.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us – we’re here to help!

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