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Robotic welding

KAMI offers robotic welding in different materials

We can offer robotic welding in black steel and stainless steel. The table of our robot cell measures 1550 x 1000 mm and we can work with a workpiece weight of up to 250 kg.

Robot with rotary table and loading station

The robot cell is equipped with a rotary table. This combination allows us to weld complex parts with all axes and the rotary table running simultaneously. We use a loading station, so we staple on one side while the robot welds on the other side. This minimizes wasted time and significantly increases efficiency!

The video on this page shows the different possibilities of the robot cell.

KAMI programs in-house and we make our own welding fixtures for our robot

At KAMI, we do the programming of the parts we robotically weld ourselves.

Our skilled employees in production do the programming and assist in the development of fixtures. KAMI always strives to reduce changeover and waste time, and we manufacture our welding fixtures in-house. Via our in-house engineering department we can document the weld fixtures made in production. In-house we have many processes, which enables us to quickly produce the necessary fixtures – and we can continuously modify/optimize fixtures for each individual item to achieve the right quality – and efficiency!

If you have existing welding fixtures for your items that you want KAMI to robotically weld in the future, we can of course modify the fixtures to fit our robot cell. Contact us at to hear about the possibilities if you need robotic welding performed – or welding fixtures developed.

Robotic welding for consistent quality – and high efficiency!

Robotic welding is a great alternative if you need to weld a lot of parts. Or if you need the right, consistent quality. Robotic welding achieves optimized repeatability, so the end result is precise and consistent. In addition to the end product often being more uniform than manual welding, robotic welding improves the working environment by minimizing repetitive work (EGA).

Efficiency is often increased when robotic welding is used, as the same cycle is running and the standard time is known exactly once the parts are programmed and produced.

In addition to robotic welding of larger series, KAMI also robotically welds items in smaller series. We are always trying to optimize our processes and if your parts are suitable for robotic welding, we will do everything we can to get them onto our robot!

Robotic welding

Contact us to learn more about the possibilities of robotic welding – or manual welding

In addition to robotic welding, we weld in many different materials and processes. You can read much more about welding by following this link. Contact us at to learn more about what we can offer when it comes to manual or robotic welding.

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