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Store fixtures

KAMI produces shop fittings in stainless steel, aluminum, black steel and brass

KAMI provides unique store fixtures and we have long-standing customer relationships as a supplier of store fixtures. We can create the right unique and special design based on your specification!

We’ve seen many solutions, and we know that the right combination of exciting products and the right store fixtures can ensure maximum eye appeal. KAMI has provided many customers with an exciting and unique solution when it comes to custom-made shop fittings!

In-house production and engineering department is your guarantee for sparring and fast delivery

KAMI has more than 30 years of experience with production in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, and we have extensive in-house production, which enables us to produce your solution very quickly! In addition to our metalworking processes and employees who have seen many solutions, KAMI has in-house engineers, which means we can be involved from the idea/concept stage until the final solution is developed and produced!

All in all, KAMI’s engineering and production department can ensure that you get the best possible sparring when you need the right and unique solution to suit your specific needs.

Surface treatment of shop fittings – just the way you want it!

In addition to providing advice on the choice of solutions and processes, we can take care of the surface treatment of the furniture so that it is delivered complete and ready for installation. We offer everything from galvanizing, wet painting and powder coating in black steel, to ceramic blasting and pickling of stainless steel productions.

KAMI can deliver prototypes and handle any sourcing

If you need to produce on a larger scale, KAMI can take care of prototyping and documentation if this is not available, and from there we can help you source from our foreign partners. This ensures you get the right price level – so you are maximally competitive! We know what it takes to deliver the quality and price you expect – and we can be there from start to finish!


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KAMI ensures the right quality – and price!

We will do everything to ensure that the quality is as expected, from defining the solutions to delivery. If you want to know more about our quality management and certifications, you’ll find it hereand if you want to know more about our sourcing options, you can read about it here.

We deliver projects, sub-processes and engineering – from one-off services to the finished project

In addition to shop fittings, we work with many other product groups and industries. We carry out many projects in stainless steel, aluminum as well as black steel and high-strength steel.

We deliver many industrial projects, and if you’re curious and want to know more, you can find info about these here. KAMI also delivers projects for offshore & marine – more info on these can be found here here. In addition to project execution, we also offer sub-processes for the metal industry. Which processes we offer you can find info on here. We can also offer engineering, including design, FEM calculations, preparation of working drawings and CE marking. Read much more about what we offer in engineering here.

We work within Industry, Offshore & Marine, and Structural Steel

We deliver everything from small welded structures to large structures!
We also deliver small CNC machined parts – and nothing is too small!

Engineering and project delivery

We offer design, FEM calculation and CE marking


Stainless steel and aluminum production

We offer sub-processes or complete designs


Production in mild steel and high-strength steel

We deliver everything in sheet metal, welding and machine work


Want to learn more about what we can offer?

Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation chat about how we can help you! KAMI can offer the whole package, and if you need unique shop fittings, we are ready with a proposal for the right solution!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a specific task, please feel free to contact us – we are ready to help you!

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