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Visualizations can be done via KAMI’s engineering department

If you need visualizations, for example in connection with the preparation of sales material / sales brochures, or to visualize moving parts, our engineering department can help you with this. We can quickly visualize a concept or product and create photorealistic images and/or videos.

Visualizations are performed on our licenses or in your facilities and software

All tasks can be performed at your premises and on your licenses, or we can work in our own facilities on our own licenses – you decide which working method suits your specific task – we adapt to your needs!

We can simulate a construction/product in different materials

If you want to see how something will work in real life, we can relatively quickly build a simplified 3D model that shows the design, outer dimensions and basic principle. After creating the 3D model, we can, for example, render various different materials. Our CAD program allows us to test a variety of different surfaces, from standard RAL colors to galvanization to brushed steel or chrome can be simulated. This allows you to decide which surface a part/construction should be delivered in.

All components/structures can be simulated in different environments

In addition to working with the specific product, we can simulate different backgrounds to simulate different environments. This allows you to see how your project will look with a given background. We can create photorealistic images that can be used in a sales prospectus or, for example, when presenting an idea to a board of directors or a potential investor.


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Visualization will often be cheaper than making a prototype / mockup

We can quickly simulate different solutions, and using the above options, most things can be illustrated, and this will often be cheaper than producing an actual prototype – for example, if it’s a complex machined part or if it’s a large construction with many materials and hours involved.


We can simulate movement and create installation instructions

If you need to simulate motion, for example, on a unique process or you need to set motion on a conveyor belt or something similar, we can visualize this using our CAD software. We generally use Inventor / Autodesk 3DS Max when creating images / illustrations and videos.

Photorealistic images and simulation can be used for many purposes

With the help of CAD systems, we now have the ability to simulate most things – and ensure that nothing is started before a valid solution has been found. Below we have listed a number of examples of what we have helped customers with when it comes to visualizations:

  • Creation of photorealistic images / 3D rendering – so the customer can see how a product will look in different environments
  • Animation – before creating a specific prototype / before production
  • Preparation of SOPére (Standard operating Procedure) – to ensure correct assembly / installation
  • Simulation of moving parts – so any potential conflicts are spotted before actual detailed design

The possibilities for visualization, animation and rendering are endless – contact us to discuss your specific task!

If you have an engineering task, feel free to contact us

Through our engineering department, we provide a wide variety of engineering services! We perform Mechanical design / 3D and can prepare your production basis with working drawings. In addition to construction tasks, we can also offer FEM calculationsso that we can be involved in your project all the way through, from the initial sparring to the final preparation of CE marking. In addition to engineering tasks, through our production department we can also offer steel production – please contact us if you have a specific engineering task you need solved – or if you need steel parts delivered for a project or the entire project!

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We also offer services like these

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