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Welding in aluminum

KAMI offers welding in aluminum

KAMI’s stainless steel blacksmiths perform aluminum welding in our separate stainless steel and aluminum welding department.

We offer certified aluminum welding in various aluminum alloys, including seawater-resistant aluminum.

TIG welding and MIG welding in aluminum

Our blacksmiths weld in several different processes, including TIG welding in both thin and thicker aluminum sheets and pipes, as well as MIG welding in thicker materials.

We always choose the process that is best suited to your specific request in terms of time, cost and quality!

KAMI’s quality management system is certified according to DS/EN ISO 9001:2015.

Get a total solution at KAMI

In addition to offering aluminum welding, we also provide sheet metal work, such as cutting. We cut and bend/roll and we also perform CNC machining. Internally, we can perform ceramic blasting and via external partners we can also deliver your items anodized / anodized.

Our metalworkers are highly skilled and we are known for delivering only the best quality – economically. That’s why we carefully review your request and ask clarifying questions if necessary to ensure you get the best result!

Need help with your construction work?

We can offer this through our engineering department that performs design work, FEM calculations and prepares production documentation. We are happy to help you deliver the finished solution, but of course you decide how much KAMI should be involved!

Please contact us if you would like more information about welding in aluminum

Feel free to contact us to learn more about what we offer if you need quality aluminum welding or if you want to know more about our other processes and services!

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