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CNC machining

We perform CNC machining / CNC milling

At KAMI, we are a pure contract manufacturing company. Our flexible machinery and skilled employees are at your disposal whenever you need CNC machining.

We perform CNC machining of most types of steel, including mild and high-strength steel and stainless steel. In stainless steel, we perform CNC machining in AISI 304 and AISI 316, and we also CNC machine in Duplex and Super Duplex.

In addition to CNC machining in mild steel and stainless steel, we also machine in high-strength steel, aluminum and plastic.

Flexible CNC machining

We can provide everything in CNC machining, from the simple to the more complex solution. No matter what your CNC machining needs are, we always do everything we can to find a solution that suits you and your project!

Flexibility, delivery reliability and the right quality at the right price is what characterizes us! We rarely turn down a challenge – regardless of the complexity of the request – so if you need CNC machining, contact us to find out what we can offer you.

CNC milling of both small and large parts

We offer CNC milling in many different materials including stainless steel, black steel and aluminum.

We have many years of experience in CNC milling of both large and small parts. Among other things, we have a large CNC milling and drilling machine with a 1,500 x 3,000 mm table, so we can handle relatively large items.

The CNC router is equipped with a rotary table, so it offers a lot of possibilities – even when machining larger workpieces.

Extensive experience in CNC machining

We perform CNC machining in many different industries, so our experienced and skilled employees have the necessary expertise to come up with the right solution for your project.

KAMI produces everything from prototypes to small series with fast delivery. We’re used to reacting quickly and since we’re 100% order fulfillment, we know what to do when you’re in a hurry.

ISO Certification and div. documentation

We ensure the quality of deliveries through our ISO 9001:2015 certification, and if you have specific requirements for filling out a measurement report or similar, we can also take care of this to ensure that your requirements are met.

Production maturation is available through our in-house engineering department. At the same time, we are ready to support you if you don’t have the final documentation in place – and if it is in place, we guarantee that we will deliver the desired product, taking into account tolerances and surface roughness.

If you have requirements for specific quality documentation or other types of documentation, we can prepare this and deliver it together with the items. We help you create the documentation you need.

Possibility of welding before CNC machining

If you have items that need to be welded up before CNC machining, our skilled blacksmiths are ready to weld them up. We weld in mild steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel and aluminum. We perform certificate welding and have a wide range of WPS for welding applications. We are EN 3834-2 certified, which is your assurance that we can comply with applicable quality requirements for any welding processes that may come before CNC machining.

For larger quantities, we also perform robotic welding to ensure consistent quality and repeatability.

Video of our latest installed cutter

Contact us for a great offer on CNC machining

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or requests. You can contact us on +45 63 61 77 78 78 or by email at You are also welcome to send us your inquiry via our contact form.


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