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Repos and machine stand for painting line

KAMI has designed, manufactured and delivered a landing with guardrails according to the EN ISO 14122 standard

Working together, our engineering and production departments have delivered a finished solution, ready for installation at the customer’s site.

Due to time constraints, we were given the total delivery as we were able to minimize the lead time for the customer with a total solution. The customer provided a STEP 3D CAD file of the overall system, and after a measurement and clarification meeting with the customer, our engineering department prepared a proposal for a solution. After minor corrections, the solution was approved and based on the acceptance, the complete production basis was created.

KAMI has designed the machine stand and rest for inspection/servicing on part of a production line. The finished solution includes a landing, machine rack and various spill trays for collection. The solution, where the guardrails are based on the EN 14122 standard, is implemented in a large painting line set up as part of the production in a factory.


  • KAMI’s engineering and production departments have worked together to deliver the right solution with a focus on simple manufacturing and assembly.
  • “Design thinking has been part of the solution – for example, the staircase can be mounted in multiple locations on the landing, giving operators freedom of choice in terms of access to the production line.
  • Construction of repos according to EN ISO 14122
  • Preparation of complete production documentation.


  • KAMI’s production has manufactured repos, guardrails, machine stands and spill trays in black steel.
  • Processes to complete the project include cutting, bending, welding and test set-up.
  • The solution is powder coated in 2 different RAL colors.


  • Repos with accessories have been delivered to a customer in Denmark.
  • The delivery is delivered and installed on-site at the factory.


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