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Fire doors – indoor and outdoor

Whether it’s A, B or C-class doors, KAMI will ask relevant questions for the job.

There are several different European/international suppliers. KAMI advises and offers the best solution for the project.

We share our experience with customers. Wrong doors can be a costly affair – prevent it.


“With our suppliers, we often get to the front of the queue, to the great benefit of our customers”

Rico Sieron

Most of our partners are from Europe and we can therefore offer transportation and delivery within 24 hours. KAMI supplies the leading shipyards, installation companies and shipping companies in Denmark and Scandinavia.

We offer sales and advice on maritime fire doors








Maritime fire doors – The possibilities are endless.

If you have an assignment, we can create an easy and clear door plan.


B0 – B15

A0 – A15 – A30 – A60

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