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Structural steel

KAMI supplies structural steel to industry

If you are having a staircase or structural steel delivered for your new conversion or extension, remember that the product must be CE marked. KAMI has all the certifications and we can produce structural steel in both black, stainless steel and aluminum – and thus comply with the applicable requirements!

If you need calculations or production documentation, we are also ready to help you with that part through our engineering department.

Production – or documentation, or the whole package

We can take care of the full delivery, so we are able to take care of your job from sketch to issuing the final CE mark. If you need parts of a delivery – calculation and manufacturing basis or the actual production – we can help you with the part you want – we can carry out production documentation, or we can take care of the production or manage the whole thing. You decide what the process will be like and who will have which responsibilities.

KAMI has its own welding coordinator, so in addition to manufacturing and engineering, we can also help with welding optimization to ensure you get the most cost-effective product.

EN 1090 production and issuing of CE documentation

Our production is certified to produce and issue CE marking in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum according to EN 1090-1 and EN 1090-3. All our approvals go up to Execution Class 3.

If you want more information about our certifications in production and EN 1090, you can find it via these links.
Here you will
you will find info about black and stainless steel, and
you can read about our certification for aluminum.

At KAMI we value quality very highly, and if you want to see a complete overview of our certifications, you can find info here.

Engineering according to EN 1090 / EUROCODES

In addition to manufacturing, we are certified to calculate and execute production documentation for your structural steel delivery. Our engineering department is certified according to EN 1090-2, up to Execution Class 3. If you want to read more about our competencies when it comes to engineering services and structural steel, you can read more about here.

Examples of projects delivered by us can be found here

Structural steel – in short – KAMI offers

  • Engineering – Certified to perform design / calculation according to EN 1090-2 (EUROCODES)
  • Engineering – Creation of production documentation with all relevant information
  • Production – Production of mild steel according to EN 1090-1
  • Production – Stainless steel production according to EN 1090-1
  • Production – Manufacturing of aluminum according to EN 1090-3
  • We have our own FPC system and are certified for Execution Class 3 / EXC3 / EX3
  • We issue CE marking of structural steel according to our own certified FPC system

We help wherever you need us – whether it’s with calculations, production documentation or manufacturing – and you’re more than welcome to contact us for a no-obligation chat about what we can do for you!

Among other things, we can help with

Cutting steel



Traceability and re-stamping



Quality documentation