KAMI delivers structural steel to the industry

We are certified to issue CE-marking in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum by EN 1090-1 and EN 1090-3.

Our engineering division (Cotech) makes calculations and production documentation, and is EN 1090-2. certified.

We are certified up to Execution Class 3.

Read more about our qualifications within structural steel in the submenus on this page and read more about our certifications under QHSE.

You can read more about our general quality work and see our certificates here..

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Alle certificeringerne

If you are looking to have a new staircase or some structural steel delivered, remember that it has to be CE-marked. At KAMI we have the certifications needed and we can deliver structural steel in mild steel, stainless or aluminum “by the book”!

Produktionsdokumentation til leverancen

Besides manufacturing we can also make the calculations and production documentation for the project. We will be in charge of the full project and we are capable of handling the job from the first sketches to the issue of the final CE-mark.

Du bestemmer

If you only need our services for a part of a project – drawings or the actual manufacturing – we will also be happy to help. We can draw up the production drawings and documentation or handle the manufacturing job – Or both. You decide the procedure and to whom the areas of responsibilities will be given to. At KAMI we have our own welding coordinator so we can also be of service with welding technical optimization in order to obtain the most cost efficient product.