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Fuel tanks for FRB

Fuel tanks for FRB (Fast Rescue Boats)

KAMI’s engineering department has been responsible for the design and production basis for these fuel tanks. After preparing a complete production basis, the tanks have been produced at KAMI in aluminum. The tanks are manufactured in our stainless steel and aluminum department.

After delivery, the tanks are cast into a fast rescue boat which is a smaller, fast-moving man-overboard boat that is used when there is an accident at sea. The boat is usually launched from a mother vessel and can travel quickly to an accident.


  • Construction based on a specific customer brief
  • Preparation of production documentation after unfolding
  • Delivery of a complete set of drawings with associated parts list to production.


  • KAMI’s stainless steel and aluminum manufacturing department has delivered the tanks.
  • Processes include cutting, bending, CNC machining, welding and testing.
  • The tanks are welded in seawater-resistant aluminum EN AW-5754.
  • The tanks are tested for any leaks before delivery (leakproof).


  • The project was delivered to a Danish customer.
  • A nice project with unfolding, working drawings and welding in seawater-resistant aluminum EN AW-5754.


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