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Fish processing machine

KAMI has developed and delivered machines for the fish processing industry

KAMI’s engineering and production department delivered this project in collaboration. We were awarded the total order because we could handle the entire delivery, including engineering, production and documentation.

The assembled machine is used to turn a frozen media upside down and then it is punched out and transported to a packing station. The equipment can be used for both factory ships as well as land-based installations.


  • KAMI has worked with the customer to develop a specification for the machine.
  • Preparation of complete documentation, including production basis
  • Preparation of manual and identification of relevant spare parts.


  • KAMI’s stainless steel production section has produced the machine.
  • Everything is made of stainless steel and plastic.
  • Processes include cutting, rolling, CNC machining, welding and assembly.
  • After production of steel parts, the machine is final assembled and FAT tested.


  • The project was delivered to our US department, who took care of the final installation at the customer’s site.
  • The machine is delivered with customer-specific documentation.
  • A very successful project – where we have shown that our engineering and production departments can work together to deliver complete solutions/machines – including the required documentation.


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