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Projects for forestry and agriculture

KAMI delivers complete machine for forestry

In collaboration, our engineering and production departments have developed this machine for forestry and agriculture. It was a multi-faceted development project that has been carried out with great involvement from the customer.

The machine is used to remove felled trees, bushes and the like from protected areas. Via a telescopic cylinder, the tower can be extended to a height of 8 meters. The assembled unit that attaches to a tractor acts as a cable track that can pull in and out. A winch function on the cableway allows you to remove the media from the ground so that the fauna is not damaged.

KAMI can be a sparring partner on both design and specification

Based on customer presentations, we have worked with the customer to develop the requirements specification. In collaboration with a supplier of electrical and hydraulic systems, the final design and specification of the mechanical part and winch functions were developed.

All mechanical design is handled by our engineering department, and after FAT testing the machine, the production base is updated. The machine is finally delivered CE marked.


  • KAMIs developed the final requirement specification in collaboration with the customer and a management supplier.
  • We were heavily involved in technical sparring around the use of the machine in forestry and agriculture.
  • Preparation of assembly drawings and working drawings
  • Preparation of risk assessment and CE marking.


  • KAMI’s black steel fabrication department completed the project and delivered the complete steel structure.
  • Inbound processes include cutting, CNC machining, welding and assembly.
  • End tested / FAT tested before final delivery.


  • The project was delivered in Denmark and the customer used the machine in the forest after FAT testing.
  • A really exciting development project and a complete delivery / system delivery including electrical and hydraulics.


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