LAM report - ISO-corners
Målerapport - galvanisering 55758
Welding + NDT Log Sheet (55790)

KAMI can deliver a wide range of quality documentation including material certificates, NDT reports, Welders Log and FROSIO reports.

We can supply just the documentation you request!

MRB (Manufacturing Record Book)

KAMI is used to working with strict quality demands so we are capable of delivering the exact documentation that you want. Offshore jobs can be delivered with full traceability including MRB (Manufacturing Record Book).

The MRB will contain full traceability reports, including material certificates, re-stamping declarations, Welders Log, NDT reports and measurement reports of the surface treatment including external FROSIO reports.

Progress Report / Project plans and documentation

In addition to the above-mentioned, KAMI can write up a Progress Report / Project Plan for the project and of course also the quality documentation.

Beside the quality documentation we can make the production drawings in 3D and 2D, the technical dossier and the CE-marking. We can help with most things – just ask us and we will handle it!