Many of the items we make are delivered surface treated, and we offer several different coating methods.

Surface treatment with E-Coat

The majority of the items we deliver are wet painted or powder coated, but we can also offer surface treatment with E-Coat through a selected business partner.

Metallization and galvanization/electroplating

Furthermore we can offer metallization and galvanization/electroplating.

DS/EN ISO12944-C5M, MOTS and Norsok standards

Our offshore supplies are surface treated according many different systems including DS/EN ISO12944-C5M, MOTS and Norsok standards.

Full documentation (measurement report)

All orders can be delivered with full documentation (measurement report) and in addition it is possible to make an external FROSIO-report.


Steel constructions can be delivered galvanized and if it required – with full documentation.

Anodiseret aluminiums emner

Aluminum items can be delivered anodized. Stainless items and constructions can be delivered pickled – either spray or submerged.

Ceramic beating

In-house we do ceramic beating of both stainless steel and aluminum.