The safety at KAMI is very essential and the work is done by the Think First – Act Safely – Safety First principal.

Two safety groups

There are two safety groups at KAMI – one group for our aluminum and stainless division and one for our mild steel and high strength steel division. The two safety groups are responsible for the internal environment including procurement of approved products and keeping the safety data sheets that KAMI is using – up to date.

We care about the environmental – and secure first aid training!

Besides the safety groups the daily head of staff and the manager of operations participate in the safety committee. We follow all of the guidelines within the department of safety and we work together with Advidenz – an authorized working environmental adviser.

Several of our employees have first aid training – so we make sure that our employees are well educated – also in case something happens after work hours!

Safety equipment

The necessary safety equipment will be there on site and on jobs, and KAMI’s safety organization makes sure that it is used correctly. If the luck runs out, we have made and rehearsed a contingency plan which is brought up to date through training.

KAMI works focused with safety to secure the following:

  • Fewer accidents and industrial injuries
  • Fewer sick days
  • Happier – and more motivated employees
  • Increased productivity / increased competiveness

Greater satisfaction amongst customers.