EN ISO 3834-2

KAMI is certified by EN ISO 3834-2.

Deliveries to the offshore industry

This certification makes it possible for us to deliver to the offshore industry.

Full traceability for the welding processes

The EN ISO 3834-2 certification assures that we have completely control over our welding procedures and this assures our customers that all quality aspects regarding welding are fulfilled – also when it comes to offshore.

We have our welding procedures under control, and we can offer a 100% in-house traceability because we do our own cutting. Our welding is done according to WPS/WPQR and we issue Welders Log by your instructions or by KAMI standard. At KAMI we have our own, in –house, welding coordinator.

MRB (Manufacturing Record Book)

A MRB (Manufacturing Record Book) can be prepared so you receive the full documentation package after completing production. KAMI can also handle third part’s inspection and surveillance including NDT and / or inspection from classification society.

Design Verifikation Report

In addition to production/manufacturing our engineers can be in charge of approval of design for example by DNV-GL.

The engineering division executes production documentation and calculations as well as handling the contact with the “class” and ensures a Design Verification Report. We guarantee that the responsibility is KAMI’s – 100%.

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