At KAMI we can deliver structural steel in mild steel and stainless steel up to Execution Class 3 – also called EXC3/EX3.

Pay attention – your structural steel has to be CE-marked!

If you as a (new) customer need a flight of stairs, a balcony or other types of structural steel for your new building, rebuilding or extension then contact us for a quote. We will make sure that the product is CE-labelled and that all rules are complied with.

We are certified and approved for all types of materials including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum – hereby our customers can make sure that they will get the shipment in the desired material as well as they are assured that it is in compliance with the applicable requirements of the CE-marking, that entered into force July 1st 2014.

Full documentation with your delivery

In addition to manufacturing we also calculate and execute production documentation for the consignment. At KAMI we have our own independent engineering company (COTECH) that is capable of calculating steel constructions and structures according to EN 1090-2. KAMI’s engineering company is audited and certified according EN 1090-2 so calculations and production documentation are drawn up according to EUROCODES.

Internal welding coordinator

KAMI has its own welding coordinator, so we help with welding technical optimization in order for you to get the most cost effective product. Regarding coating we can ensure that galvanizing is in compliance with DS/EN ISO 1461, and other surface treatments, such as wet paint, can be carried out in accordance with the desired specification. We deliver surface treatments up to DS/EN ISO12944-C5M. All corrosion classes can be performed.

At KAMI we have 100% traceability on internal and external processes, and we can always draw up the final documentation as well as deliver a complete documentation package if needed.

The CE-marking is your assurance that the documentation as well as the manufacturing are carried out in accordance with the applicable rules.

We are certified to deliver structural steel in all material groups – aluminum included. see more under EN 1090-3.

In addition to manufacturing we also calculate and document the delivery. Read more about this under EN 1090-2.

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