lederses system certifikat

KAMI is DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 certified. With our quality system we make sure that your quality expectations are fulfilled.

We consider the certification to be more than just “a certificate on the wall”. At KAMI we want a dynamic system where we implement improvements on an ongoing basis and we do more than the standard prescribes. For example, we conduct a documented “Management Evaluation” every six months, and in our system we also act on the environmental part and our working environment. As a new or existing customer you are always welcome to arrange a vendor audit – we have several customer who have done so and they have not been disappointed.

Below is a list of our certifications. You can read more about the certifications under the individual tab:

FPC (Factory Production Control) CE-marking of structural steel in mild steel and stainless steel
Dimensioning, EUROCODES
FPC (Factory Production Control) CE-marking of structural steel in aluminum
Quality assurance of welding work
Danish Veterinary and Food Administration control report