KAMI wants to ensure a good and healthy work environment physical as well as psychological.

We weigh this high since it is a prerequisite for our employees’ well-being, which we regard as essential in order to increase efficiency, among other things via a low sickness absence. 

Sickness absence

At KAMI we measure and register sickness absence – and it is very low when held up against statistics within our field!

Health promoting arrangements

In connection with the working environment we are continuously seeking to launch health promoting arrangements. For example KAMI has a fruit scheme so all of our employees have access to fresh fruit on a daily basis.

In addition to the fruit scheme we have an established health insurance which gives the employees access to different treatments such as chiropractor, phisiotherapist and reflexology. Furthermore the scheme ensures rapid access to a specialist or a hospital by referral.

We care about our employees

In the extension of the health insurance we can help possible smokers to quit smoking – in short – we cherris our staff, because they are our most important asset!

Running and social gatherings – Part of KAMI!

KAMI encourages our employees to participate in the annual DHL-run. This activity is valued to not only improve the health of the employees, but it is also seen as a conducive activity for our well-beings.

Besides the DHL-run there are several social gatherings such as climbing park, go-cart and eating together in the canteen. These events are held to ensure unity across all our professional groups.