KAMI wants to stand out as a responsible company that makes sure that the influence on the outer environment is minimized through our activities and that the environmental demands are kept

Environment Forum Funen

KAMI is a member of “Environment Forum Funen”, a regional network of companies working with the environment and CSR.

With this membership and our own efforts we desire to strengthen our competitiveness through an active and systematic environmental- and CSR-effort.

Through the membership, we have committed ourselves to establish ongoing environmental statements.

Environmental diploma

In the statements, that undergoes an independent assessment and are approved every 2. year, we map the company’s environmental condition and set out objectives for our environmental work.

Thus we ensure that continuous improvements and reductions of the company’s climate footprint will be a natural part of our everyday KAMI life!

KAMI is engage in Environmental Forum Funen industry department

To underline our commitment to the environmental and CSR area KAMI has chosen to actively engage in Environmental Forum Funen industry department’s board of directors. This choice we have made, as we want to help shape the future strategy of the Environmental Forum Fyn – to the benefit of all network members.

In addition to the board, we participate in networking events, experience groups, workshops and courses, and through them we ensure sparring with other members of the Environment Forum Fyn and that we are always updated on the latest environmental requirements.

Below is a list of our environment policies:

  • We will keep up dated on environmental initiatives – and, as a minimum, keep and live up to relevant legislation and regulatory requirements
  • We want to make sure that the environmental authority value KAMI high, due to our serious environment work.
  • We want an open and constructive dialogue with the authorities, neighbors and other stakeholders around the company’s environmental considerations.
  • We will work focused on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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