What we can provide in addition to rebuilding of containers for the offshore and marine industry, you can find here.

All our certifications, you can read more about here.

KAMI has delivered several rebuild/modified containeres for various projects in the offshore and wind industry, as well as the maritime sector.

We can take care of the complete shipment from the delivery of an approved DNV GL 2.7-1 offshore container, to engineering, rebuilding, surface treatment, final inspection and issuance of certificate through DNV GL.

KAMI can be your single point of contact/one-stop supplier when it comes to delivering the finished solution. If you as a customer will ensure that the responsibility is 100% on us, we are ready and willing to take care of everything relating to the shipment. In addition to engineering, modification, surface treatment and final inspection, we can, through our professional business partners, ensure the right and approved specialcontainer for the task, and be in charge of, for example, insulation and electric power in connection with the project.

Whether in need of sparring and know-how for your design phase or you need rebuilding of a container we can perform these services separately – as well as we at KAMI can perform the complete rebuilding and approval work from A-Z.

We are working with the issuance of Certificate of Offshore Container and Statement of Conformity for Lifting Frame via DNV GL and in addition we also work with the CSC Safety Approval (Container Safety Convention).

We design / rebuild and obtain approval for DNV GL standards 2.7-1, 2.7-2 and 2.7-3. On top of that we are working according to Norsok standards.  We know what is required in terms of quality in order for at containers to be approved after modification.


KAMI can carry out the design work from your specification, and we can be your sparring partner and share our expertise. KAMI has done projects where the customer has come up with an idea – and KAMI has from this designed and planned the project, in order finally to ensure approval via, for example, DNV GL.

Quality documentation

We can carry our design, manufacturing and approval, and we have our own internal Welding Coordinator. Depending on the requirements we can be issue a MRB (Manufacturing Record Book) so you receive the full documentation package after delivery and the issue of certificates.

KAMI are issued certificates from DNV GL standards (Certificate of Offshore Container) as well as the CSC Safety Approval (Container Safety Convention).

KAMI are issued certificates from DNV GL standards (Certificate of Offshore Container).  We also design and manufacture in accordance with DNV GL 2.7-3 standards so we can ensure that you as a customer are issued a “Design Verification Report” and end certificate “Certificate of Portable Offshore Unit” via KAMI.

KAMI is DS/EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and in addition we are certified to perform welding in accordance with EN ISO 3834-2. We are therefore ready to make your conversion/new construction so that it complies with the requirements, and will be finally approved by the Classification Society.

Manufacturing in Many Materials

We manufacture in mild steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel and aluminum, so we have many options to carry out the desired conversion/modification.

At KAMI we have an in-house cutting table and we can therefore carry out traceability on all materials. We can weld in accordance to WPS/WPQR, make Welders Log and perform NDT.

We have extensive experience in complying with the requirements of various Classification Societies when it comes to production, and we can take care of all contacts with 3. party in order to ensure that the solution is finally approved various Classification Societies

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment can be carried out in accordance with DS/EN ISO12944-C5M, MOTS or Norsok standards, and all projects can be delivered with a measurement report if desired. In addition, there can be drawn up a FROSIO-report via external inspection, so the surface treatment will be 100% documented.