At KAMI we work out from 4 key words that are a part of our values.

Kundefokus (Customer focus)– we always have time for out customers, and we rarely say no!
Arbejdsomhed (Stamina)– we have been here for more than 30 years! We do not take it
for granted – we keep at it!
Medarbejderinvolvering (Employee involvement)– our know-how and employees will give you the best and most
value added solution!
Inspiration (Inspiration)– We are here to help and to give you inspiration so you can
be sure to get the best possible product and solution!

On the basis of the key words we have made the following vision, mission and objectives:


KAMI wants to be the preferred business partner for existing, potential and future customers.


KAMI wants to help our customers to the most value added product possible.


KAMI wants to make sure that there is a “matching of expectations” between us and our customer.

– quality and time of delivery must to be as expected

– and it must always be a good experience doing business with KAMI.