KAMI’s Goal

KAMI’s management wants to create a company with strong local connections and capabilities to compete internationally by ensuring high flexibility, quality and technology.

KAMI wishes to attract and keep the best-qualified and motivated smiths in the area.

Karsten Auerbach

Karsten Auerbach is local artist, who has been working as a business consultant since 1999.

Three months cooperation between a local artist and KAMI in 2007

KAMI’s assignment to the artist was to create a platform of dialogue and participation, which involved the employee in creating KAMI’s business plans until 2010.

The Goals

The goal was first and foremost to motivate the employees to own the values, actions and attitudes that are meant to ensure KAMI’s constant development.

Secondly, the goal was to reinforce KAMI’s reputation as excellent and exciting work place.

The Process

The artist, Karsten Auerbach started the whole process by exhibiting some of his own pictures all over KAMI. This gave the employees an opportunity to invite their families and friends to see KAMI from the inside.

Karsten made the whole work shop his studio in order to paint the employees in their “natural environment”. Being so close to the smiths, Karsten managed to get a healthy dialogue with the smiths about the project.

Karsten also interviewed mananging director Claus Eskildsen in order to understand and visualize KAMI’s vision.

The Results

The project resulted in 14 paintings, which are hanging in the shops and lunchroom as a visual note, which maintains the dialogue, thoughts and intentions.

The project also resulted in the profit sharing policy for KAMI’s employees. KAMI has also added the suggestions put forward by the employees into the business plan.